A Sea of Dreams

What does that even mean?

When the pandemic hit, I was confused. Confused about how long it would last. Confused about what was safe and what was not. Confused about the conflicting information circulating the media. I was just a ball of a confused and tangled mess. Let’s add into the equation my over thinking tendencies and empathic nature. You’ve just created a recipe for emotional disaster.

Add on top of that, I am married with four kids. My kids also have questions, concerns, and their own confusions. Will they be going back to school? Can they see their friends? Can they continue doing their extra curricular activities? We didn’t know at the time…but the answer would be No to all of those. Then the next set of questions roll in… WHEN do we get to go back to school? WHEN can they see their friends? WHEN can they go back to (insert activity here)? Yeah…. we still didn’t know.

I had just started a new photography project that came to a crashing halt almost as soon as it started. I was depressed. Not in a sad and sulky kind of way. In a, I don’t know when I can safely create again and I don’t know what to do with myself, kind of way.

Check out my advertisement video below:

Check out where it was picked up by one of our local radio stations:

Local Photographer Needs Your Face For Evansville Book Followed by my reaction video:

There were days were I was perfectly content with the world. I am an introvert by nature so not having to interact with anyone outside of friends and family was fine by me. However, that also comes at the cost of not being able to photograph people and make those soulful, deep connections.

I focused all of my energy on another venture and that kept me distracted for awhile. Eventually I had to create again so I started a series of images like the above. Featured is my daughter, who is typically willing to be my subject at a small cost. Drive through Taco Bell or quick trip to Target is usually a good enough payment for her. I also have one of one of her friends that was a willing participant of my shenanigans Haha.

Photo by the Author

Back to the burning questions: What is a Sea of Dreams?

Photo by the Author

Oh yeah, I felt pretty! Doesn’t this give you Fairytale vibes?! It does me! Moral of the story: Pandemics Suck…but I will say I have been able to pause for moment, take a step back, and dig deeper into my creative side. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it… Everything happens for a reason, be thankful for the good even in a crappy situation.

Photo by the Author
Photo by the Author

I honestly don’t know if I can put it to words, to me it is a feeling. A feeling of an ocean of ideas and dreams. Some of them wash up onto the shore and stick around for awhile. When others get dragged back into the sea to the depths never to be seen again. Others keep resurfacing on the shore waiting to be grasped. Ok…so I did find some words.

In the midst of the pandemic, small businesses were pivoting their products to social media and building (or re-building) their websites. I stumbled upon this dress (pictured above) via Facebook. There is a local dress shop called AnnaLe’s Twice Chosen Bridal Consignment inside Washington Square Mall. This dress still had the tags on it! When I bought it, I had no idea what I was even going to do with it or if it would even fit me. Good news! It BARELY fits me. Better news! It’s a little too big for my daughter but in the photograph, YOU CAN’T TELL. That’s the beauty of photography… you can wear something that doesn’t fit and no one will ever know. Well…now you know…because I told on myself…but you get the idea!

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Vanessa Powell

Vanessa Powell


I am a portrait photographer, graphic designer, creator extraordinaire. I suppose I am dabbling in writing too 😊 | 721vanessa Photography | www.721vanessa.com